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The Collins Brothers are award-winning directors, screenwriters, and creative directors with education in film, music, and environmental science backgrounds. Their work explores themes which aim to challenge audiences' perspectives, asking them to rethink their stance on important topics based on a better understanding of the nuances involved. Audience relatability is at the core of their narrative work, resulting in them employing a broad range of cinematic styles ranging from serious and sombre to quirky and upbeat.


Originally from South Africa, their work at Rooftop Productions afforded them the opportunity to film in over twenty countries, making films for NGO’s such as UNICEF, WHO, WWF, and FAO. This work explores themes such as child marriage, refugee crises, famine and climate change and took them to some of the most remote and extreme environments to document human suffering and resilience.


These experiences inform their writing and directing styles which are intimate and introspective as they highlight hope and resilience amidst the struggles of suffering and injustice. This is evident in their groundbreaking miniseries, Vaillante, produced for UNICEF. They wrote, directed, and edited the series which was UNICEF’s first venture into fictional entertainment-based content. The three-part miniseries builds on their collaboration with UNICEF and South African production partner, Rooftop, attempting to inspire change through storytelling.

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