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UNICEF: In their Shoes

This film was commissioned by the Latin America and Carribbean office of UNICEF to highlight the refugee crisis in South America. The brief was to create a piece which invoked empathy in audiences. We pitched the idea to tell the story of the journey of a pair of shoes. We liked how much you can tell about a person's circumstances by focussing on the type of shoes they wear and the condition they're in. We hoped to link a potentially foreign concept of the South American refugee crisis with something that everyone can relate to - a pair of shoes.

Shot on Blackmagic Ursa 4.6k

Property of UNICEF


Written, directed by Tom Collins, James Collins

Producer: Denna Jones

DP: Kyle Lucas

Camera Operator: Kyle Lucas

Gaffer: Fanjan Combrink

Grip: Lulama Godlo

Casting, Production manager: Candice Barron

Production assistant: Jenna Deysel

Art Director: Sarah-Jane Collins

Edit, sound design: Tom Collins

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