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FAO: Zerohunger [Director's Cut]

In 2017/18, un unprecedented four famines were declared in various regions around the world. This film intended to create awareness about famines, how they might come about and how everyone can be contribute to a world without hunger. This is the agenda of the client, the Food and Agriculture Organisation, and to communicate the message, they reached out to one of their ambassador's, Lambert Wilson, to feature in the film. The performance was repeated in 3 languages for global version. 

Location: Rome, Italy

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini

Property of FAO


Writer/Director: Tom Collins

Executive Producer: Richard Ahlfeldt

Producer: Matteo Mariotti

DP: Vladan Radovic

1st AD: Alessia Silvetti

Steadycam Operator: Maurizio Lorenzetti

Focus Puller: Tiziano Saraca

Video Assist: Alessandra Macci

DIT: Giuseppe Laruccia

Gaffer: Fabio Scepe

Sound Engineer: Francesco Spadafora

Boom Operator: Giulia Bella

Hair Stylist: Alessandro Messina

Make-up Artist: Rossano de Cesaris

Production assistant: Stefano Ciafordoni

Runner: Lucas Lanci

Editor: Tom Collins

Colourist: Kyle Luca

VFX: Gavin Wilmers

Sound Design: Robert Baron

Music Composition: Ethan Rank

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